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Practice Areas

Edward Anthony LLC, through the legal expertise of Edward A Ruffo, Esq. and his staff handle all types of Personal Injury Cases in New York and New Jersey. The law of personal injury is known as "Tort Law" and essentialy provides compensation to those physically and/or mentally injured as a result of the negligence or harmful intent of others. Personal Injury cases include Motor Vehicle Accidents, Premises Liability Accidents, Work Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Dangerous/Defectice Products, Rights Violation and Admiralty or Aviation Cases. In 2017, he began accepting commercial litigation and arbitration claims as well as Veterans Malpractice claims against VA hospitals and healthcare providers.

Motor Vehicle Accident


If you or a loved one has been injured or lost as a result of an accident involving a car, bus, taxi, limo, train, motorcycle, moped, ambulette, emergency vehicle or other  either as a pedestrian, driver or passenger contact us today for a free evaluation. Ensuring medical expense coverage for these accidents require immediate action and cases involving Municipalities have short time limits  to make claims, so contact us immediately to protect your rights. Mr Ruffo has recovered countless millions for victims of these types of accidents.



Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice is simply medical negligence by a doctor, hospital, nurse or any other health care provider. These cases have shorter time limits than other negligence cases and require considerable time to evaluate. Included are cases against nursing homes for abuse and neglect of the sick and elderly. Not all personal injury attorneys specialize in medical malpractice so you must do your homeowork. Mr Ruffo is a member of the Medical Malpractice Committee of New York City Bar so call today if you think you have a medical malpractice case.


Work Accidents


Men and women in the construction industry are at great risk for serious injury. If a job related injury involving a fall or being struck by a falling object has occured, you or your loved one may be entitled to significant compensation under the New York State Labor Law. Other work related actions where the harm was caused by someone other than your employer or co-employee can also result in a significant recovery.


Dangerous/Defective Products

Any consumer good or drug or medical device that has caused harm can be the subject of a product liability lawsuit. These can be individual suits against the maker of the product or mass tort litigations or even class actions. Mr Ruffo has vast experience in cases against major manufacturers of products in the automotive industry as well as the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. He has been involved in Mass Tort Claims and Class Actions and has recovered countless millions for his product liability clients.

Premises Liability


Accidents causing slips, trips and falls at public or private locations due to snow, ice, debris, broken, missing or defective walkways, sidewalks, ramps, elevators and steps are often the result of poor maintenance by the property owner. Many of these accidents today are recorded by surveillance cameras and the footage can be preserved if you act fast. Contact us today if such an accident has resulted in injury so your rights to compensation are preserved.





At Edward Anthony LLC we are accepting cases involving plane and cruise passenger claims as well as other boating and waterway accident claims.  Aviation claims are covered by multinational convention laws and Admiralty claims by specific federal law. Mr Ruffo is admitted in the Federal Courts including the U.S. Supreme Court for the handling of claims involving aviation disasters as well as commerical or recreational waterway accidents

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